Please, read our FAQ to know more
about the application and our points system.
Please, read our FAQ to know more
about the application and our points system.
Please, read our FAQ to know more
about the application and our points system.
How it works?
It's easy: you download the StickerHunt app, register your profile and log into your social media accounts. Then just choose your favourite advertising campaign, take photos and post and earn money.
What should I know before participating?
  • According to local laws, sometimes we do not have the rights to transfer money to persons under 18 years of age.
  • Money can be requested only after the accumulation of 300 points
  • The application supports iPhone since version 5.0.
How to make a post?
You can start hunting on ads in 2 different ways:
- From the map: find the object and click the photo icon.
- From the campaign page: choose the right campaign and click on "take a photo" button.
How do I recognize targets for hunting?
Click on "Campaigns" or "Map" tab and find out description of campaign and location of objects.
What should i do after I took a photo?
  • Press the "Copy" button
  • In the Comments box, type the text that you want to add to the post (this is not required, but the more likes and shares you get, the more you earn). ·
  • Click the "Publish" button
  • In all social networks except Instagram photos will be placed automatically. If you post a photo in Instagram, you have to click on Instagram icon in the pop-up menu (for IOS, Android automatically opens Instagram). Further, paste hashtags (copied earlier) and finalize publication in a standard way.
What are the requirements for the photo?
  • Photos must be real. We won't accept screenshots. ·
  • The brand in your photo must match with the brand in the advertising campaign
  • Advertising should be clear and easy to read. ·
  • In any case it should be easy to identify the object.
I do not understand anything. Who can help me?
Read the FAQ section of contact our support team via StickerHunt application chat or Facebook page.
How should I register correctly?
Fill in the fields on the registration form. You will receive sms to verify your phone number.
When registering your account do not restrict viability of social networks. Publications must be visible to everybody. Only in this case, social networks will be correctly attached.
I didn't receive a code via SMS or E-mail.
You probably made an error in the phone number. Try to register again and enter a phone number in the correct format (including your country code)
I am registered but can't see any advertising campaign.
Make sure that you have chosen the right country and city (yes, there are a lot of cities with the same name). If you're from a small town, probably we are not active there yet, but it will happen soon.
What determines my earnings?
Your earnings depend on several factors:
  • Friends and followers. The more you have friends and followers, the higher the price of the publication.
  • Likes and Shares. Maximum price of Like and Share is set for each campaign independently.
How are the points calculated?
Point is an internal measure of engagement, which creates your publication in social networks. It takes into account the number of your subscribers, like and reposts.
How can I get the money?
You can easily convert points to real money in your Account. We will transfer money to your QIWI Wallet or PayPal account.
How much will I earn for a post, Like and Share in every social network?
You can check campaign rates on a "Campaign" description page. We have different rates for post, like and share depending on campaign's terms.
Why rates are different among social networks?
The cost of a publication in each social network depends on the number of your friends and followers. If you see that the cost of a post at some social networks is zero, it means one of three things:
  • the advertiser has imposed restrictions on this network
  • you've connected your account incorrectly
  • you have 0 friends in this social network
How do I know if publication passed successfully, and how much I have earned?
Open the "Gallery" tab in the app, and you will see a list of all your publications. Click on any of them, you will see detailed statistics for each of the social networks. There you will see the amount of points that is going to be verified automatically in a few days.
Why was my publication rejected?
There may be several reasons:
  • Your photo does not meet the photo requirements
  • Your photo does not match with advertising campaign, in which you have placed it
  • You have reached the maximum number of publications for this campaign
  • Not enough time passed since last publication in this campaign
What happens if I delete a publication?
If you remove the post, we will have the right to cancel all points associated with it.
I can't publish photos and I am not earning points. What could be the reason?
If the status of the photo is set to "created" on some of the social networks, this means that the social network is closed or our app does not have the appropriate permissions. It is necessary to change the permissions and to make your profile public.
Why don't I get Points for posts in Instagram?
Probably, your account is closed for visitors and is only available to your subscribers. Please change the settings.
Why don't I get Points for publication in Facebook?
You might have set the privacy settings of our app to the status "only for friends". To change this, go to the Facebook settings, go to the tab "Applications", find StickerHunt and change visibility settings from "for friends only" to "visible for all".
Is it possible to change default campaign's hashtags and add something to post?
You are not allowed to change these hashtags, but you can add your own hashtag or text before or after the company's one.
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